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The Democrat business model: make lots of people feel poor and downtrodden and keep them there

Posted by John Reed on

When your political base is poor and downtrodden, you must keep them poor and downtrodden forever. The corollary is that your base needs to be dumb enough not to figure that out.

That, in turn, means the Oval Office will be filled by people chosen by the least successful who are so low IQ that they cannot see what’s being done to them. Or maybe they are in denial or don’t want to believe it.

Whatever the reason, it’s a hell of a way to run a railroad or a country.

They don’t need a majority of Americans to be poor and downtrodden, only a swing-vote size segment. The Democrats have a base of educated, affluent, NeverRepublicans. When they add the permanently poor and downtrodden, then they have a majority.

Turn everyone into ‘Julia’

The Democrats vision for America is “Julia.” Remember her from the 2012 Obama campaign commercials? She is a cartoon of a single female who “marries” the Democrat-run government, then gets everything from the government for the rest of her life: college money, child support, food stamps, pension, government job, health care.…/opin…/bennett-obama-campaign/index.html No need for a husband or other adult family members. And, God forbid, no need for a Republican who might take away one or more of the freebies.

Gotta turn them out on election day

There is at least one weakness with the business model of using the poor and downtrodden as your base. They tend to vote the way they get jobs: erratically and unsuccessfully. In other words, they don’t show up.

To get them to turn out, the Democrats must get them outraged at Republicans. So they invent grievances: voter ID is Jim Crow, mass incarceration, cops hunting down and killing unarmed black young men. This is why after eight years of “post-racial,” half-black, Barack Obama, American has not been so racially divided since the 1970s.

‘No black America, no white America, just one America’

Obama’s famous 2004 convention speech that there is not a black America and a white America there is just one America—that was a barefaced lie. He has spent most of the time since that speech telling the blacks, browns, and females to hate whites and Republicans. He has to if he wants to turn them out on election day and get elected or continue his legacy by getting Hillary elected. You can count on hotter and hotter “Trump is a racist who is ‘gonna put you all back in chains’” rhetoric as election day approaches.

This business model runs out of money

The Democrats hate America and they need to get at least 270 electoral votes worth of voters to also hate America to win. The Democrat business model, their vision, is socialism. And as Margaret Thatcher said, “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.” The rich have a lot of money, but it’s still a finite amount. Socialism, on the other hand, is a bottomless pit of “to each according to his need.”

The rich are neither dumb nor immobile

And the non-poor and non-downtrodden are not dumb, or immobile. The poor may vote Democrat for eternity and wait like baby birds with their mouths open to get food and other benefits from their parents. But the rich will not remain so passive or immobile about Democrats taking their income and wealth. They will find other, less taxed ways to fund their lives, or they will find other countries to be citizens of.

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