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Why care about Russia in Syria?

Posted by John Reed on

Should we get all excited about Putin putting military in Syria and bombing some of the Muslims fighting there?
Does Syria have a strategic location?
Not unless you consider a land bridge between Lebanon, Israel and Jordan on the one hand and Turkey on the other important. I don’t.

Is their oil strategic? Not much. They rank 68th in the world in oil.

Are their people strategic? Nope. 18 million quarrelsome tribes and religions. Their border was drawn by France. Their civil war is arguably the biggest human disaster on earth at present. Now that he can no longer waste Russian money on the winter Olympics, I can think of no better place to have Putin waste Russian money than Syria.

Russia’s last foray into a Muslim civil war was Afghanistan, unless you count Chechnya, which is part of Russia. Putin is a really slow learner.

The Soviet Union collapsed, in part because they could not afford their “sleazy dictators of the world” empire—Egypt, Cuba, North Korea, etc.. They are making the same mistake again. Let them.

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