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Ben Carson says Darwin was ‘encouraged’ by [satan] and that evolution is a fairy tale

Posted by John Reed on

I endorsed Ben Carson recently, which I never do. But I just heard Richard Dawkins speak yesterday. He debated Carson on God once. He said that Carson believes the universe is 5,000 or 6,000 years old and that Satan affected Darwin when he wrote Origin of the Species.
I tried to confirm that Carson said those things on the Net. The web sites saying that generally seemed to be liberal. Although some had his own words in YouTubes.
He scoffed at the Big Bang Theory. I don’t believe he used the word Satan. Rather, he said “adversary,” which may be a Seventh Day Adventist word for Satan. I don’t know.
Arguably, all political candidates in the U.S. are creationists because they all claim to be Christians. But I think most are actually atheists who just claim to be Christians to get votes or avoid losing votes. But one of the attractions of Carson was he seemed NOT to be a politician. Another was that he as a scientist. If he truly believes in talking snakes and that the age of the universe is only 5,000 or 6,000 years, that’s scary. I am surprised he was not asked about it when he spoke in San Francisco.
I said my endorsement of Carson was not in concrete. Pending clarification of his views on the age of the earth and whether Darwin was affected by Satan, I withdraw the endorsement.
I think creationism versus evolution should be a question for each candidate in both the Republican and Democrat debates. It would be humorous to see every single one of them take a loyalty oath to the talking-snake theory, and it would sort of blunt these attacks on Carson. But my God, there’s one guy up there on the stage who is not lying—Carson. His really believing such aboriginal explanations of the universe and life, if he does, is appalling.

A former Seventh Day Adventist reader on Facebook says “adversary” is, indeed, a word for Satan in that religion.

Facebook friend Seth Grenald says,

Most Jewish sects, as well as a bunch of Christian denominations, including the Catholic Church agree with the scientific theories around the Big Bang and evolution, and acknowledge that the first part of Genesis is myth or allegory. Huckabee and Carson are probably the only Young Earth Creationists on the Republican presidential stage.

I think “myth or allegory” are what Carson is saying about evolution. Dawkins, who is a highly regarded scientist, said that evolution is not a mere scientific theory. Rather, it is one of the most well-tested and proven scientific explanations in all of science. One reason is there is all sorts of evidence lying all around on and under the earth’s surface. 

Carson says the evolutionists do not understand probability. He said evolution says that if enough hurricanes blow through a junkyard, one will produce a 747 fully loaded with passengers, crew, and fuel ready for takeoff.

Plants and animals reproduce. Each time that happens, the offspring varies slightly from the parents. That’s because if evolution does not change the locks, so to speak, enemies of the species in question like diseases or predatory animals would get better and better at killing the species in question and render them extinct. That is one of the ethical issues with cloning. It can be done, but it does’t change the locks. So a line of clones would die out form lack of resistance to always improving germs.

There are something like seven billion humans on earth. That means hundreds of millions of new babies each year. Each is unique and different from any that came before. Some are better some are worse. When you do that over millions of years, and the better versions displace the worse ones, the species gets stronger and stronger. That is where the probability that Carson dismisses comes in.

Hurricanes do not make 747s. Humans do, the same way monkeys leaned to use stones to break open nuts. Extreme trial and error and recording success and disseminating knowledge—by humans, not monkeys—produces 747s.

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